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Any Device Approach

We produce applications for all mobile platforms such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and J2me. We also produce an HTML5 version that can be accessed from PC, Tablet or mobile. All of our applications are native and customizable.

Unified Experience

Same look/feel for projects on different platforms. Our designs will be consistent with the logo/brand of your company. We also offer different theming possibilities if you want to provide your mobile application to different users with different options or different level of accessibility/services.

Cloud Based with Social Interaction features

All information/databases will be stored on the cloud to allow quicker access and scalability. We also offer a social element in our applications, so that users can easily share their feedbacks regarding the services on their personal social media networks.

Featured Work

About Us

abcMob is an innovator in the application business. We create applications that can be used on desktops, tablets and mobile. Our approach is to create native applications plus allowing for HTML5 access to the service. We write one code that can be later translated into native platforms. Our technology allows us to maintain the same look/feel of application between different devices and ensures that updates are being done automatically on all versions at the same time. While building application for your business, we take data security very seriously.

abcMob applications will help businesses quickly and easily create new services for their customers. Our created solution will cover full range of handsets and devices. It is a native application that can be included in Appstore or distributed on CDs/DVDs or online. End-users will be free to choose whatever operating system or device that they want but still access the data through similar interfaces.

Design of a good native UI is one of our priority and user experience will be shared on many different platforms. Security is only an important issue that we take seriously. We can also keep our service separated from your business logic or fully integrated with the databases that you are providing.

Why Us


Any Device: We are offering any DEVICE solution to implement any service. We cover all PC/Tablet/Mobile devices on all platforms. Our solution will be installed as a native application on your mobiles/PC or tablet. It can also be accessed through web.


Full client/Server solution: Our solution is a full client/server solution. It can be integrated with any solution that you have in your organization or it can be a new full service that connects to your data ware houses or databases.


Cloud storage and social factor: Our applications are cloud based and store all of the information on the cloud. We also add social elements to the applications so that comments or reports can be shared between employees or between customers.